Students in the Vilonia School District reported another student after threats were made, bringing the Vilonia Police Department to the school.

A few students were witnesses to an alleged threat, Thursday morning, where one of their peers made a statement saying “if this is the end of the world what he would do,” according to Vilonia High School Principal Andy Ashley.

“We appreciate our kids reporting anything they think is a threat to their school or their classmates,” Ashley said.

School officials took the threat “very seriously,” said Dr. Frank Mitchell, school superintendent. The Vilonia Police Department, the school resource officer, the student’s parents as well as other sources with expertise in evaluating threats were notified, Mitchell added.

“Safety measures are under way, and the student will not be allowed back on campus until the situation is dealt with in the appropriate manner,” Mitchell said.

Ashley said the student, who allegedly made the threat, did not say he would do anything at school. He also said, to his knowledge, the student has never been in any trouble or made any other threats.

“We are not aware of anything before this,” Ashley added. “None of the principals are aware of anything.”

School officials, Mitchell said, will be watching and evaluating and monitoring potential situations closely Friday “just like we do every day.”