At the last City Council meeting of the year, two aldermen were recognized for their service on the Council with plaques presented by Mayor Tab Townsell.

Mark Vaught, of Ward Two, who ran for Faulkner County Clerk but was defeated by incumbent Melinda Reynolds, is being replaced by Wesley Pruitt, who surpassed Aaron Knight in a runoff.

Jim Rhodes of Ward Three cited an increased personal workload and the addition to his family two years ago of a baby boy as reasons for not seeking the office for a second four-year term.

Retired Assistant Fire Chief Mark Ledbetter was elected to Ward Three Position 1 with more than 70 percent of the vote, in a race with Craig Cloud, chairman of the Planning Commission.

At the close of the meeting, Rhodes made the motion to adjourn; Second Ward Alderman Shelley Mehl seconded.

Known for often going against his fellow councilmen in various issues, Vaught, true to form, voted "No."

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