In its final action of the year, the Conway City Council on Thursday night approved the 2013 budget at $55,957,065.

The largest fund is the general fund at $29,115,665 followed by the Sanitation fund at $8,110,000, and the Street fund at $4,593,500.

It all adds up.

General Fund,$29,115,665

Street, $4,593,500

Sanitation, $8,110,000

Parks and Recreation Ad Valorem, $23,000

Animal Welfare Ad Valorem, $10,500.

Spay & Neuter, $50,000

Court Automation, $70,350

Asset Forfeiture, $10,000

Conway Corp Franchise Fee (ED), $620,000

A&P Parks and Recreation, $2,700,500

Airport Grant, $3,070,000

CDBG, $400,050

Street Sales & Use Tax, $3,020,000

Severance Tax (Part of Street Cash), $175,000

Street Impact Fees, $651,000

Park Impact Fees, $100,500

Stormwater Retention, $42,000

Debt Service 2012 S&U Bond, $1,600,000

Debt Service 2012 Franchise Fee Refunding Bonds, $275,000

Non-Uniform Pension, $1,320,000

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