Faulkner County took advantage of Gov. Mike Beebe’s offer to provide National Guard men and equipment to assist MEMS with ambulance service during Wednesday night’s snowstorm.

County Judge Preston Scroggin said the Guard’s 4-wheel drive Humvees were used in ambulance calls during the storm that dropped more than six inches of snow throughout the county.

Scroggin said his road crews, led by County Road Foreman Glen Willhite, were clearing roads and downed trees "As soon as we can get to them," Scroggin said.

Trees are being cleared, but if power lines are in the way, "We have to wait until the power company comes to handle those," Scroggin said.

County residents who are blocked in may call 911 to report their condition and location.

Log Cabin Democrat Publisher Alan English said it was impossible to deliver Thursday morning’s newspaper.

The truck carrying the edition was stuck behind a wreck on the Interstate from 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m., and deliveries were delayed until the roads were safer.

"Our customers connected the delays to the weather," English said, "so we didn’t get a high volume of calls. We were here taking calls before 7 a.m. to talk to our customers."

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