As ice melted off of roads in Conway, the Taylors snuck out for movies and a snack before roads refroze and they "hulled" up at home, said Donya Taylor.

The Taylors made it out of their home Wednesday and drove "very carefully," Taylor said. They thought about going to a movie, but opted to visit JJ’s Grill and Chill and grabbed movies instead, she said. Temperatures dropped below freezing Wednesday and the Taylors worried about roads refreezing.

Taylor said her husband worked from home Thursday because roads remain slick. Luckily, the Taylors never lost power, although Taylor knows people who are without power.

Jordey Taylor said he played in the snow Wednesday, but he talked the most about his Christmas present, a Skylander necklace, and not the record-breaking white Christmas.

On Thursday afternoon, the family, including daughter Abbie, 19, who is home from college, took a lunch break at a local restaurant. Taylor said the snow wasn’t a problem for the family.

"We lived in Colorado," she said. "It’s not as big a deal to us as others."