Snow-covered trees bent toward the road or snapped in half, and trucks churned up slush on Lollie Road, where some homes remained without power since heavy snow fell on Christmas Day.

"It’s boring," said Ryan Leding from his living room Thursday. "Just sit on the couch and sleep."

At about 4 p.m., about 5,000 people in Faulkner County were without power, according to Entergy Arkansas. Leding said he received a phone message saying his power could take three days to restore.

Across the street, a neighbor had left a porch light on. Another of Leding’s neighbors had power and was watching TV.

Leding said the power at his home went out Christmas evening while he and his girlfriend were in Alma visiting family. They drove back the next day, and since then, Leding has been keeping his house warm by turning on his gas stove occasionally, he said.

"It hasn’t been so bad," Leding said.

The family, complete with two cats and three dogs, plans to ride out the power outage, despite coming freezing rain expected Thursday night.