An apparently intoxicated Conway man — who was laying in snow — asked police to take him to jail "so he could sleep," according to a police report at the Conway Police Department.

Police responded at about 4:50 p.m. Saturday to check on a 33-year-old Conway man, who was laying in the snow in front of South Davis Street. Officers observed the man’s speech was slurred, and he just lay on the ground despite the cold snow, according to the report. His clothing was wet and the temperature was about 38 degrees.

No one was at the man’s residence when officers checked.

The fire department and Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services responded because the man was exposed to cold weather for awhile, but the man decided he didn’t want medical treatment. He "wanted to be taken to jail so he could sleep," according to the report.

Police had to help him to his feet and into a police vehicle. They took him into custody for public intoxication, but a note on the report said there is no mugshot of the man because he "was not cooperative."