Officials with Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office arrested Daniel L. Robideaux, of Missouri, Sunday for alleged Internet Stalking of a Child, a class B felony.

A sheriff’s office release stated he was arrested in the parking lot of Office Depot in Conway.

According to police, the arrest follows a two-month investigation during which Robideaux coordinated to meet with a female he chatted with online for the purpose of having sex with a 10-year-old female.

“Robideaux communicated with what he thought was the mother of this child, but in fact it was an investigator with the sheriff’s office,” the release stated. “Robideaux was arrested in the parking lot of Office Depot after meeting with the investigator and inquiring as to where the 10-year-old daughter was.”

Investigators and police took the man into custody without incident.

Police say Robideaux, a resident of Columbia, Missouri, traveled to Conway for this meeting.

Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office Captain Matt Rice said there are two employees out of the sheriff’s office Criminal Investigations Division whose concentrations are in Internet crimes against children.

“We have one person that does this continuously. That’s all she does is this,” Rice said.

Robideaux was in custody Monday afternoon. He is being held on a $100,000 bond.