A Conway man driving a car with a fictitious license plate tab was charged with multiple crimes after he attempted to flee from Conway police officers.

An officer patrolling the area of Donaghey and Bruce Street arund midnight Thursday observed a car with a fictitious license plate tab. When the officer tried to conduct a traffic stop with his lights and siren, the driver did not stop and continued to drive on Donaghey.

The officer noted that the car was not driving erratically, but it would not stop. Other units were called in, and they followed the car as it turned on Ash Street. The car pulled into a driveway, and another police car pulled up onto the grass next the car. The officer said he was unable to brake, and the police car bumped the man's car on the driver's side.

Police gave commands for the driver to exit the vehicle, but he did not comply. Officers noted that it was difficult to remove the driver from the car because of his size, so they grabbed him by his sweatshirt and dragged him out. At that point, he was given commands to show his hands so that he could be taken into custody, but he did not comply.

Officers were unable to take the man to the ground, so one officer deployed his taser. The man fell to the ground. Police were able to get one hand in handcuffs, but the man was unwilling to supply the other hand. An officer struck the man on the back of the head, which caused him to surrender his other hand.

When asked why he did not stop, the man said he did not see the officer's car. He then said he did not flee, he only failed to yield. He said he was just trying to get home and he should be issued a citation and let go instead of being arrested. He later admitted that he did not stop for the patrol car, but he did not run. He also refused to submit to a blood alcohol content test.

The man was charged  with fictitious tags, DWI, refusal to submit to a chemical test, driving with a suspended license, refusal to submit to arrest and fleeing in a vehicle.