The Conway City Council, after hearing citizens present both sides Tuesday night, unanimously approved a resolution urging legislators and its Congressional delegation to support a constitutional amendment that provides that “money is not speech” and that “human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.”

Jim Moseley, speaking for the “Move to Amend” campaign, said the issue is people’s rights and is relevant for Conway.

Free speech assumes some equality among speakers, said Brenda Smith, and “It’s not right for a small group of people to have a louder voice than I do.”

Speaking against the resolution, Dusty Weaver said while money isn’t speech, “Money facilitates speech, therefore, any restriction on the facilitation of speech is wrong.”

Among other business, the council, absent Alderman Sheila Whitmore, approved 7-0:

• To provide a fully-equipped, full-time community police officer, with a vehicle, for Conway Housing Authority at a cost of $35,000, paid by CHA. The officer will be a city employee selected by the police department.

• An ordinance waiving competitive bids for the purchase of 28 tasers for the police department. Teeco Safety is the sole source of the tasers.

• An ordinance appropriating funds, $1,772,048, for the new one-step employee salary scale and for fulltime elected officials.

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