Conway police are investigating a string of 24 vehicle break-ins that occurred in January in areas throughout the city.

Several of the cases included the targeting of wallets or purses left in plain sight, with the suspect or suspects often breaking a window to reach the desired item.

Police say people should keep purses, wallets and other valuables off of seats and out of sight.

“Most often, out of sight really does mean out of mind,” said LaTresha Woodruff, public information officer with the department. “Thieves want an easy mark, and they most often will pass up a car that has no valuables in plain sight for the one that does, even if it means breaking out your window to get it.”

A locked door is often a strong deterrent, Woodruff said, as theives are known for checking car doors.

“If doors are unlocked they will rummage through your car looking for things of value,” Woodruff said. “If your doors are locked with no valuables in sight, there’s a good chance thieves will move on.”
Officials also warned that unattended, running vehicles have been “heavily targeted.”

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