Joseph Garland Torian, 47, was arrested over the weekend following allegations that he left his 13-month-old son alone at a home in Conway to go drinking at a Little Rock bar Friday night.

According to police, the child's mother contacted the police department from her place of employment Friday night to report that she suspected her young son was home alone.

The woman told police her boyfriend sent her a picture of the child sleeping in his bed in Conway around 9:30 p.m Friday, but noticed a couple of hours later that location services on Torian's iPad indicated it was 40 minutes away in the River Market District in Little Rock.

When the woman was unable to contact Torian, she called Conway Police Department and her parents. 

Police entered Torian's residence at Highland Drive  and found the 13-month-old crying in his crib. The child's grandparents showed up at the residence to comfort him; meanwhile, Torian was located in a bar by Little Rock Police and was arrested.

During questioning, Torian also admitted to leaving his son alone to go to a bar when he was seven months old.

According to intake records, Torian was released before noon Sunday from Faulkner County jail.

He was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.