Faulkner County Girl Scouts are hosting a shoe drive to benefit Ozark Water Projects.

The Scouts have a goal of collecting 5,000 pairs of shoes by Feb. 10.

Ozark Water Projects drills wells in underdeveloped villages in different parts of Africa to enable them to have clean drinking water for consumption and crops, helping eliminate death and diseases of children under the age of 2.

Ozark Water Projects in turn recycles the shoes to those that need shoes and gets paid per pound of shoes donated. Money generated by the recycled shoes provides funding to drill wells in Kenya and Uganda.

Shoes may be dropped off at the following locations in Conway:

• Centennial Bank’s Main Branch, 620 Chestnut Street.

• Conway Family Bowl, 1010 E. Oak Street.

• First United Methodist Church, 1610 Prince Street.

• Y-107 My Country Radio Station, 1825 E. Oak,

• Conway Fire Department Downtown location 1401 Caldwell St.

• Conway Police Department Downtown location 1105 Prairie St.