Jeremiah Lowrance and Hunter Potts, two members of the Royal Rangers received Gold Medal of Achievement rankings Sunday night before a packed house at Vilonia First Assembly of God.

The GMA is the highest honor a boy can earn in the Rangers which is a worldwide ministry of the Assemblies of God and is designed to provide youth with challenging activities while providing them with Christian instruction.

Before the awards event, a Color Guard ceremony was presented by a group of Rangers from the Louisiana Outpost. The Ranger code was also recited as follows: A Royal Ranger is alert and clean in body, mind and speech. He does not lie, cheat or steal. He is brave, in spite of danger, criticism or threats. He is loyal and faithful to his church, family, outpost and friends. He is courteous, polite, kind and thoughtful. He obeys his parents, leaders and those in authority. As well he prays, reads the Bible and witnesses.

Gilbert Baker, assistant to the president at University of Central Arkansas, who began his new job Jan 14, after 12 years in the Senate, was the featured speaker. He congratulated Lawrence and Potts on their achievements.

He also talked briefly about his years in the Arkansas Senate and being term-limited and more in depth about his "principles of life," that, he said, should apply to everyone.

"We were all put on earth to be servants," he said, addressing an audience of about 200. "There are two secret weapons, and you will be effective if you follow through. Show a little humility and above all — tell the truth."

The event ended with Lowrance and Potts on stage along with their parents. The event was Skyped to Japan, allowing a former Ranger and his family leader to view the event.