Girl Scout cookies have made it to Faulkner County, a spokesperson said Tuesday.

More than 84,000 boxes of the eight varieties were delivered to Selby-Ross Armory in Conway by truck in the early hours Tuesday, and the cookies were later picked up by surrounding girl scout units in the county.

By 3 p.m., only one group had yet to come pick up their order, said cookie manager Susan Eggert.

The cookies, boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas, Dulce de Leche, Do-si-dos, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Thank U Merry Munch and Savannah Smiles, were available for pre-order in the month of January.

This "cookie drop" includes those pre-orders and the "guestimated number" of boxes each girl scout committed to selling at public booths in the county.

Booth sales for the Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas group begin Friday, spokeswoman Jennifer Bickers said.

Expect to see the groups setting up booths in front of popular retail locations.

Bickers said to plan out your cookie purchase, download the free Cookie Locator application for iPhone and Android smart phones.

The app uses a phone’s GPS location to find cookies nearby, or can be used to find cookies by ZIP code, city or state.

Cookie Locator provides a direct route map to cookie booths.

To download the app, call **GSCOOKIES, or **472665437 from an Android or iPhone.

The application isn’t the only new feature Girl Scouts are rolling out this year.

Bickers said the cookie boxes have undergone their first redesign since 1999.

"The redesign has taken a couple of years, but the new boxes tell the overall story of girl-scouting," Bickers said.

She said the new boxes feature photos of girl scouts engaged in many scout activities, from rock climbing to community service.

"At first glance, you’re seeing girl scouts can do just about anything," said Bickers.

The five skills girl scouts learn from the cookie program are now listed on the box, along with a new picture of each cookie.

"If you look closely on the sash the cookie is wearing, you’ll see the Girl Scout Gold Award, which is the highest honor a girl can get in girl-scouting," Bickers said. "It’s the equivalent of the Eagle Award in boy-scouting. A girl who receives it can enter any branch of the armed forces at a higher position."

A new logo of a palm has been placed on the new boxes as a reminder that Girl Scouts of America uses palm oil from sustainable farms, according to Bickers.

Bickers said the program’s emphasis on stainability hasn’t widely been recognized until the redesign.

Some of the boxes will appear smaller, she said, as the redesign has also reduced the amount of cardboard used in each box.

But there are no less cookies inside, she assured.

There are 442 girl scouts in Faulkner County.

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