A five-year-old girl was found alone at a gas station in Conway after her parents miscommunicated about who was watching the girl, police said.

Officers who responded to 375 E Oak Street, Valero, walked the girl back to her home.

According to a Conway Police Department incident report, the girl told police at the gas station she was on her way to "get daddy," who she said lives in Perryville.

The girl did not know her parents’ first names or where they were, police said, but she pointed in the general direction of her home.

The report states officers drove the child in the direction of 5th Avenue, where a reporting person originally saw her walking alone.

Officers pulled over at 5th Avenue and Sixth Street to walk and let the girl guide them to her home.

The report states police made contact with the girl’s parents at a nearby residence.

The father advised he had just arrived home from a "short trip to a gas station," and the girl’s mother told police she thought her daughter went with her father, "but wasn’t sure."

The mother told police she called the father when she did not see her daughter at the house, but the father did not answer his phone.

According to the report, when the mother did not see her child with the father after he returned, they both began looking for the girl, "but did not call police for assistance."

"It looks like the child was not out very long before police located her and she was discovered missing by parents. They immediately started looking for the child when they realized she wasn’t with either of them," said La Tresha Woodruff, CPD public information officer.

From the time of the original call to the time parents were located by police was about 17 minutes.

Police located the child five minutes after someone reported seeing her alone on the street, according to Woodruff.

"Fortunately the child wasn’t hurt. It’s a very scary situation when a young child is found walking the streets alone, but the incident seems to have been a miscommunication issue between parents," said Woodruff.

There were no arrests made, but police called the Arkansas State Police Child Abuse Hotline, and the case is still active and open.

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