The Arkansas Council for International Visitors (ACIV) has donated its collection of papers to the UCA Archives. The ACIV plays an integral role in working with emerging world leaders and is part of a national network of 92 communities that help introduce future world leaders to life in the United States.

Jimmy Bryant, director of the UCA Archives, said that UCA was honored to be chosen as the recipient of the ACIV papers. Bryant said, "The ACIV collection is an important collection that documents the visits of literally hundreds of international visitors to Arkansas. Some of these international visitors have gone on to become leaders in their native countries. I am grateful to Dr. Walter Nunn, former Executive Director of the ACIV, for choosing the UCA Archives to house this collection."

According to the ACIV website, "The Arkansas Council for International Visitors (ACIV) is a nonprofit organization specializing in citizen diplomacy programs and is a member of the National Council for International Visitors. ACIV works with the Open World Leadership Program to better foreign relations and share knowledge with others. The Open World Program brings young leaders to the U.S. from countries in Eurasia. The goal of The Open World Leadership Program is to strengthen the democratic process in their countries."

Bryant said, "In all likelihood the ACIV collection will be ready for researchers by the spring of 2013."