VILONIA — FCCLA students Faith Burroughs and Jessica Borden are using technology, as well as their muscles ,to help feed the needy.

The two students were inspired by Ashton Samuelson, owner of Pitza42 in Conway who told them one starving child in Africa can be fed a meal a day for 22 cents. The Samuelson family gives a portion of their proceeds from their restaurant to Feed My Starving Children — an organization who gets the food to the children in the country.

The two Vilonia students responded to the need by kicking off their own program, Starvation Solution, by making posters, brochures and flyers handing them out to others outside of school informing others about the starving children in Swaziland, Africa. As well, they made and are continuing to sell the calendars with the proceeds going to Feed My Starving Children.

It was the students’ goal to raise $500. However, they have exceeded their goal and have raised about $650 providing about 2,440 meals.

Burroughs and Borden as well as about 21 others from Vilonia recently helped to pack Manna Packs, comprised a combination of rice and soy nuggets, to be shipped to Africa.

Another aspect, the two students will enter the Starvation Solution project as their applied technology project at the FCCLA competition to be held Feb. 21, in Conway.