Certain city jobs may not have been accurately represented in Conway’s recent market salary study, and the city will be using the same group to conduct a new study to revisit those salaries.

The Conway City Council unanimously approved an ordinance providing up to $5,000 for a market salary study to account for changes in certain job duties.

City of Conway Director of Human Resources Lisa Mabry-Williams said a general study has already been done, and the changes were implemented, but some of the job descriptions were not accurate, and the study warranted a second look for some positions.

"We’re doing due diligence," she said.

The city will use the Johanson Group again to re-evaluate 35 to 40 positions. Positions such as street engineers, administrative employees and information technology employees will be included in the revisit.

The study will serve the same function as the previous study and will evaluate the city’s pay competitiveness with comparable cities for those positions. This second study will give the city a chance to revise certain job descriptions where employee duties have changed.

Conway Mayor Tab Townsell said this additional study will provide the chance to "drill down further to look at some of these positions to make sure that we’re actually getting a direct apples to apples comparison."

Mabry-Williams said the new study may or may not show different results from the initial study.

Mabry-Williams said she started reaching out to the specific department heads effected by the new study in order to get revised job descriptions that better represent what each employee does.

Depending on how quickly those descriptions are submitted, she gave a rough estimate that the study would be completed in six weeks.

"That may be a little aggressive, but we’re going to try to get it done as quickly as we can," she said.

Money will be taken from the city’s General Fund account and moved to the Professional Services Account to pay for the study.

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