Police were dispatched Wednesday to the parking lot of Westlake Apartments at Hogan Lane and Dave Ward Drive after a caller reported an altercation with another driver.

According to the report, Jimmy Lee Glover, 53, of Vilonia, was driving a 2007 Sterling garbage truck when he was illegally passed by the driver of a white Ford F-150. Glover said the driver merged back into the lane in front of him, nearly colliding with the garbage truck.

When he honked his horn at the driver, later identified as Jim Counts, 52, of Conway, Counts came to a stop in the roadway, exited the vehicle and yelled to Glover that he would “get his gun and shoot (Glover) in the head.”

Glover said he told Counts to get back in the vehicle, and noticed that when he did, he began speaking on a cell phone. Both vehicles, as well as others, continued northbound, but Glover reported Counts would only drive “about 5 miles per hour.” Counts eventually turned west on Tyler Street.  

Glover said though he didn’t see a gun, he was scared because he didn’t know whether Counts had a gun in his vehicle.

According to a supplement, Counts, too, had contacted police via cell phone to report that Glover had pulled out in front him and he had veered to the left to keep from running in to the back of the garbage truck, before passing him.

Counts said that once he passed the truck the Glover began honking the horn. Counts said he pulled to the side of the road because he thought Glover was under the influence of intoxicating substances.

When he exited the vehicle, Counts reported he and Glover began “arguing back and forth.”

According to Counts, a passenger in the vehicle with him told him to get back in the vehicle. Counts said he continued on at a slow speed so that officers in the area could speak with Glover and at some point, the garbage truck got ahead of him, which is how he was able to obtain the truck’s license plate number for dispatch.

Counts denied any mention of a gun or of shooting Glover.

Glover was advised of the warrants process.