A miscommunication between a father and his teen daughter left a girl stranded at an intersection Wednesday afternoon. Police were contacted just after 4 p.m. about an 8-year-old girl discovered crying at the intersection of Anna Lane and Salem Road. The woman who found the girl told dispatchers the child said her older sister had left her at the intersection, and both her sister and her father had refused to come get her. The father arrived at the scene prior to police officers. He told police that his daughters had been walking home from school when the youngest daughter complained of a stomach ache and refused to walk any further. The father, assuming the girl was "overplaying her sickness," said he told his older daughter to act like she was leaving, and the girl would follow. The oldest daughter apparently misunderstood his instructions, the father said, and left the girl at the location. When his daughter arrived at the home without her sibling, the father immediately left to pick her up. When he arrived at the scene, the girl had refused to go, fearing she was in trouble. Police determined the girl was in no danger and she was allowed to return to her home with her father.