Faulkner County is in the top 100 fastest growing counties in the nation, according to the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The county ranks 72nd in the nation in growth and second in Arkansas. Only Benton County ranks ahead of Faulkner, five spots up in the national rankings.

Faulkner County grew from 113,237 in April 2010 to 118,704 in July 2012. The county saw an increase of 4.8 percent during that time.

The only other county in Arkansas that was listed in the top 100 was Saline County, which came in at 95.

As of the 2012 numbers, Faulkner County is the fifth most populated county in Arkansas, behind Pulaski, Washington, Benton and Sebastian. All five counties have grown in the past two years.

Nine of the top growing counties in the nation had fewer than 35,000 people. Only two counties in the top 100 had more than a million residents,

Travis County in Texas, home of state capitol Austin, and Orange County, Fla., where Orlando is located.

The top growing county in the nation is Williams County, N.D., which grew nearly 20 percent in the past two years. It sits a few miles away from the Canadian border.