Jurors will hear testimonies after a recess today in the trial case against Michael Fowler, who faces a negligent homicide charge in the death of juvenile Garrett Martin.

Authorities said Martin, 12, was killed when the ATV he was driving at Burgess Lane in Wooster was hit head-on by a Dodge Ram pickup truck driven by Fowler, 28, of Springfield.

Fowler allegedly fled the scene, but was located about one hour later by police in Morrilton.

Preliminary reports were that Fowler was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Shortly after the incident, a man who said he was the brother of a passenger in Fowler's vehicle called police.

The caller told police he forced his way out of Fowler's vehicle.

Prosecutors and the defense excused seven jurors in jury selection before noon Wednesday.

One juror asked to be excused, saying he could not remain objective because of a past incident involving a drunk driver.

Another asked to be excused due to the nature of photographs that would be shown by prosecutors later in the trial.

The remaining dismissed jurors were requests of prosecutors and Fowler's defense attorney, Lynn Plemmons.

The judge presiding over the case is Judge Charles Clawson.