The voter ID bill would impact election procedure, but Faulkner County Clerk Melinda Reynolds said poll workers are already trained to ask for a voter’s identification. The main changes associated with the county side of things concern time and money.

"I can see it incurring more costs for provisional ballots," she said.

It may also slow down the certification process, Reynolds said, as voters who show up to the polls without their ID would fill out a provisional ballot and would have until the Monday following the election to prove who they are.

Currently, poll workers must ask for an ID, but voters are not obligated to show it before casting their ballots.

"A voter cannot vote unless we verify they are a registered voter," Reynolds said. Part of that verification puts the voter under oath that would incur a penalty if the person identifies themselves as someone they are not.

Voter fraud has not been an issue in Faulkner County, Reynolds said.

"I haven’t had election fraud here at all," she said. "I’ve been here 32 years and I’ve never had anyone vote twice."

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