A Conway police officer was driving north on Stout Street March 24 when he noticed a "gray substance" seemingly poured on the roof of a silver Ford Fusion, according to the police report. 

The officer, accompanied with an other officer, examined the car and noticed the substance - which appeared to be a gray latex-based paint - was all over the roof and was running down the front and side of the vehicle.

When the officers located the car's owner in a nearby apartment, the owner said the paint was not there last time he saw the vehicle.

An hour later the owner called the officer to say he had been able to wash off the paint but some had seeped in through the partially open driver's window and had stained the interior.

The owner had a theory of who was to blame, stating that a woman had texted one of his female friends, telling her to stay away from him and "generally slandering him."

The car owner then called the woman and argued for several minutes over the phone. Later that day, the car owner said he got a call from a police officer directing him to cease and desist with the harassment of the woman. He explained the situation to the officer who said he would talk with the woman.

The car owner believes the woman poured the paint on his vehicle in retaliation.

According to the police report, the officers told the car owner the current information would likely not be sufficient evidence to pursue a warrant.