• Information report, Brownstone Drive. A teen runaway reported Tuesday was found a short time later walking from an area at the back of her home in the 800 block of Brownstone Drive in Conway.

A woman at the residence had contacted police to report that her 14-year-old adopted daughter had run away from the home following the recent return of the girl’s biological mother to Conway. Since her arrival, the woman reported, the woman has been "causing problems with both of them." Police searching the surrounding area located the girl, who told police she had walked around the house to the back yard to sit on a trampoline to escape a yelling relative. The girl said she didn’t want to run away from home, but would like to go live with her biological mother. The adoptive mother reported that the Department of Human Services had taken the girl’s brother away from their mother when the girl was 7 and she adopted the girl four years ago.

• Runaway, Baytown Drive. Police responded to a report on a teen runaway Saturday in the 5000 block of Baytown Drive. According to the report, the 14-year-old male was found approximately 15 minutes later in the vicinity of the home.

• Civil standby, Hardy Street. Police on Tuesday made contact with a man at a residence in the 1600 block of Hardy Street who was gathering his belongings from a residence following a short visit to jail. The man said after checking his belongings, he realized among items missing were a pair of Nike Air Jordans, a government-issued flip cell phone, a set of hair clippers and an MP3 player. A woman at the residence told police she had put all of the man’s belongings in a trash bag and placed them outside the residence in a storage closet in the carport on the day he was arrested. The woman reported the storage closet does not lock. No further action was taken.

• Fleeing, no seat belt, disregarding a traffic control device, Donaghey Avenue. The driver of a black Ford F-150 traveling north Monday on Donaghey Avenue near Lee Avenue was spotted traveling without a seatbelt by an on-duty officer. When the officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the woman fled, driving through a red light at Tyler Street and continuing north on Donaghey Avenue. The officer advised dispatch of the pursuit. A patrol sergeant contacted the officer to ask questions about the vehicle and its occupants and whether the danger of the pursuit outweighed the seriousness of the offense. The sergeant advised the officer to cancel the pursuit near Meadowlake Drive and Donaghey Avenue due to the time of day. Other officers who joined in on the pursuit ended the chase in a neighboring parking lot. One of the officers was able to photograph the driver and a passenger who was leaned over in the passenger seat. Dispatch ran the registered owner of the vehicle through ACIC. A photo of the 32-year-old Vilonia woman matched the photo taken by the officer. A BOLO was placed on the vehicle for Vilonia and Faulkner County, but the vehicle was never located after leaving the city. The case is active and ongoing.

• Residential burglary, 4th Avenue. Police responded to a call Monday at an apartment in the 600 block of 4th Avenue after the resident arrived at her home and noticed the door had been kicked in. Items missing from the home included various pots and pans. The woman reported she was most concerned with not being held responsible for the broken door frame. No latent prints were obtained from the scene. There are no suspects in the case. The estimated value of missing items is $30.

• Breaking or entering a vehicle, Oak Street. A Conway woman reported that a purse valued at $200 containing checks, bank cards, an iPhone 4, identification, a USB drive and credit cards was stolen from her vehicle Saturday outside of Conway Family Bowl following a birthday party. The woman said she was inside the establishment for a short time to pick up her daughter, and after arriving home, realized her purse was missing from the car. The woman reported no damage to the vehicle and said she had already canceled her credit cards and put a hold on her bank account. The woman was issued a report number and advised on how to obtain a copy. There are no suspects in the case and the investigation is active and ongoing.

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