A 2-year-old left to play in a fenced back yard Tuesday found herself on an adventure and near the intersection of Tyler Street and Tucker Creek Road after her mother left her unattended in the yard briefly, though she didn’t make it far.

According to an incident report filed with the department, callers notified dispatch about locating a "small white female" around 11:20 a.m., found standing in grass close to Tyler Street.

After calling for police assistance, a resident of East Rockwood Drive, located near the intersection, arrived at the scene and claimed the child.

The mother told police the girl was left outside in the fenced yard and was playing with the family’s chickens when she went into the home for five minutes to go to the bathroom.

When she came back out, she noticed the little girl had opened the gate and left the yard.

According to the report, the gate did not have a lock.

Both witnesses at the scene filled out voluntary reports and a representative with the child abuse hotline was contacted about the incident, as is procedure.

The little girl was not harmed and no one was arrested.