Conway Police have released details on two separate drug arrests that occurred last week at a local mobile home park and during a traffic stop off Interstate 40.

On Tuesday, two women were arrested on methamphetamine-related charges after officers conducted a search warrant at Oakwood Village mobile home park on East Robins Street.

Police arrived at the home around 2:30 p.m., where they located Bambie Bradley, 48, of the residence, Tessa Williams, 35, of Conway, and a third woman sitting in a vehicle outside of the residence.

Bradley reportedly told officers the residence was not hers, though they located a utility bill in her name with the Robins Street address, a debit card in her name and several other pieces of mail at the address.

Police confiscated from a bedroom a used syringe, a spoon with residue and a clear plastic bag with residue. Ten plastic bags of suspected methamphetamine were also removed from Bradley’s purse.

A search of Williams’ purse turned up five syringes, two spoons with residue, a plastic bag with several small white cotton swabs and one unmarked, white, oblong pill.

No contraband was located on the third woman’s person, though an ACIC check returned a warrant out of Hot Springs County. The Hot Springs County Sheriff’s Office advised CPD to release the woman and have her contact the sheriff’s office.

Williams was taken into custody and transported to Faulkner County jail, where she was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia for use with methamphetamine.

After reading Bradley her Miranda rights, she expressed a wish to speak with officers and was transported to Conway Police Department for interview.

At the police department, Bradley reportedly admitted she lived at the home and also admitted to possessing methamphetamine she called "ice." She also reportedly admitted to police she gets money from friends and picks up the methamphetamine and delivers it to them.

Bradley said she is trying to move away from the area to get away from drugs. She also told police she had concealed in her bra a small plastic bag containing suspected marijuana.

When asked if the substance was marijuana, the woman reportedly said it "might be," though she "did not know."

Bradley was charged with possession of two to 10 grams of methamphetamine, with purpose to deliver, possession of drug paraphernalia for use with methamphetamine and possession of schedule VI drugs, less than four ounces.

She was transported to Faulkner County Jail, where detention officers located items in her purse that did not belong to her, including a social security card, a Medicaid card, a US Bank check card and an SFI of Arkansas employee card, all bearing the same name of a woman with a confirmed warrant out of Conway.

On Wednesday, an officer on patrol in the area of Interstate 40 observed a group of vehicles that appeared to be following too closely in the westbound lane south of exit 129.

The officer observed the driver of a gray Ford Mustang suddenly change lanes, moving to the outer lane only a short distance in front of an 18-wheeler.

The officer then initiated a traffic stop after following the driver to Donaghey Court Apartments at South German Lane.

According to the officer, as he approached the vehicle he noticed a "copious amount" of cigarette smoke inside of the car.

He then advised the driver, identified as Ridwan Shakur, 41, of Conway, on the reason for the stop and asked for identification, registration and proof of insurance.

According to the report, the officer also located a female passenger in the car smoking a cigarette "very rapidly."

Crumbs of suspected "marijuana shake" were reportedly visible on the car’s center console.

Another officer arrived on scene to assist. A warrants check on Shakur revealed a criminal history involving violent assault, weapons and drug charges.

Shakur denied consent to search the vehicle, but allowed a search of his person, where police located $4,580 in cash bound together with rubber bands.

The female passenger consented to a search of her person, though nothing was found.

When officers conducted a probable cause search of the car based on locating the marijuana shake, Shakur reportedly became agitated and "slammed" his cell phone on the ground, breaking it.

Police reportedly noticed a strong odor of "raw marijuana" inside of the car and found a black duffel bag containing a Smith and Wesson .380 pistol with a loaded magazine. Police also found a bottle of Hydrocodone, and a computer bag containing another pill bottle with two unknown pills.

Inside of a white gift bag, police located two plastic bags of suspected marijuana and more suspected marijuana inside two black garbage bags. Under the driver’s seat, police located a small zippered pouch containing another loaded magazine, totaling 12 rounds.

Shakur was arrested on charges of simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, possession of a firearm by certain persons and possession with intent to deliver.

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