Faulkner County Judge Allen Dodson confirmed that a crude oil pipeline ruptured near Mayflower. Officials with the county and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management are currently working to make sure no more oil makes its way to Lake Conway.

Arkansas Department of Emergency Management spokesman Brandon Morris said earlier in the day that a small amount of oil had leaked into Lake Conway. He later reversed his comments. Officials have not been able to determine how much oil if any had made its way into the lake.

"There was some oil running into the stream, but the flow has been shut from the pipe," Dodson said. "The work being down now is to contain any oil from entering the lake."

Dodson also said that the Northwoods subdivision has been evacuated, and the incident has been declared an emergency. Oil had been seen in backyards and driveways of several houses in the subdivision.

A spokesperson for ExxonMobil says the company is looking into the incident. State Sen. Jason Rapert said Exxon had contacted him about helping with any cleanup efforts.