Three juveniles caused panic at Walmart on Skyline Drive Saturday evening when they entered the store wearing furry masks.

The apparent prank was not part of what many believed to be the beginning of an armed robbery, and the juvenile males, ages 14 to 16, told police they had "no legitimate reason" for wearing the masks inside the store.

At around 10 p.m. Saturday, Conway Police Department received multiple calls from worried shoppers who spotted the teens, and when the department attempted to call the store, no one answered.

"Due to (receiving) multiple calls regarding the masked subjects and Walmart's lack of response to phone calls, all available officers responded to the scene," the report states.

An officer approached the males, who were in the parking lot when officers arrived, and one juvenile had a furry mask hanging out of his pocket, another had a furry mask in hand, and the last had his mask on his head.

"When I made contact with these males we discovered they were juveniles and we explained to them how it appears to the public to enter Walmart on a Saturday night wearing masks and that it creates public alarm by giving people reason to believe they may attempt a robbery," an officer wrote.

The juveniles agreed that it was reasonable for people to be alarmed at the joke.

Parents responded to the scene, and the three juveniles were cited with disorderly conduct.

The masks were taken as evidence.