The Greenbrier City Council gave final approval to three recommendations of the City Planning Commission. The burned house at 1501 Louise Lane was unanimously approved for demolition.

The owners, listed as a family part of an estate, were served with multiple notices after it burned a year ago. The required three public meetings were held with still no response from the owners. What is left on the property will be razed by the city and the owners billed.

The LifeSong Baptist Church residential home at 10 Church St. was unanimously approved for a Special Use Permit for church use of Sunday school classes and church offices.

Small Engine Power business, owned by Harrell Thompson, was granted a Special Use Permit to store larger tractors outside the building that are too large to move indoors on condition they keep the gravel driveway for proper drainage purposes. They are at No. 5 N. Broadway. An emergency clause was enacted so they may begin moving in immediately.

The new city waste water project is moving right along, reports Tim Tyler. More than 200 yards of concrete has already been poured and it is getting "lots of re-bar" installed. He said, "We now have two big concrete blocks in the ground and they are working like ants."  He also reported the ammonia levels in the water are still higher than they would like, but "the water looks good — just can’t seem to find the source of the high ammonia."