Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

• Fraudulent use of a credit card.

The victim filed a complaint with Conway police after she said her Bank of the Ozarks account had been compromised. According to the victim, her account was charged for $250 at Dardanelle’s Walmart.

• Theft of property from a motor vehicle at 1600 block of Duke Street.

A man reported his license plate was removed from his vehicle parked at his home between 6 p.m. and noon the next day.

• Residential burglary at 1700 block of Mitchell Street.

The victim told police she was unsure of the exact date, but a little more than three weeks ago someone entered her home and stole her purse and her children’s two Android tablets. The victim said other events had prevented her from coming to the police department to report the items stolen. The woman said the sliding glass door was slightly open on the date the theft occurred, but that she could not tell that anything inside the home was disturbed.

• Breaking or entering a vehicle at 3000 block of Pebble Beach Drive.

A woman filed a complaint with police after she said a silver HP laptop in her car was stolen. There was no sign of forced entry, according to the report. The computer belonged to the company the woman works for.

• Terroristic threatening at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

A man notified police when he said another man inside or outside Walmart was a threat to his safety. According to the victim, the other male subject had pulled a gun on him before, and he had threatened the victim inside the store, telling him he was going to kill him if he stepped outside Walmart. The subject was unable to be located.

• Theft of property at 801 Elsinger Blvd., Kohls.

The victim reported that her wallet was stolen while she was shopping at Kohl’s in August. The woman told police she did not report that her wallet was stolen until now because she did not have information that indicated someone was using her identification and bank accounts. According to the victim, she just received information from her MasterCard money gift account that the card had been used at Walmart, Little Caesars and various gas stations in Conway.

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