The Club Singing at Centerville last Sunday was a great event. Several young folks from the Church led songs, and they joined singers not only from Faulkner County but also from several other Arkansas counties. Ben McNew was recognized for his involvement keeping the Club active through the years with a plaque and some kind words. Next month, on Nov. 10, the Club will meet with Springhill Baptist Church.

Someone noted at Church recently a number of current books by authors from our part of Faulkner County. Among those are Carnella Hall Weir. She attended school at Centerville and has written several books with Happy and Cadron Valley settings. Nancy Glenn Powell has three new books dealing with people from this community. Marylin Leach Hayes-Martin is author of Common Thread-Uncommon Women which is about people from Beckett Mountain. Lands and peoples of north central Faulkner County seem to generate stories worth telling, and we commend the writers (these three and others) who spend the countless hours needed to tell them.

While he was not from Centerville, I am sure some of the people from Centerville knew Rick Spear, who passed away last Friday morning. I met Rick back when Darrel raced four wheelers and thought he was one of the sweetest guys in the world. He was a family man and talked about his family often. His children, Lakyn and Zane, raced four wheelers and he made sure that they did not want for a thing. Rick later married my best friend, Carrie, and it brought me great joy to see their happiness because I knew both of them at times when they were lonely and wanting to find someone to share their life. RIP Ricky Gene Spear.

Guy News

I guess fall is finally here. Enjoy the cooler weather and this great rain we are having. I apologize for  not having items last week. I have had a lot on my plate the last couple of weeks.

Please keep Sandy Dowdy in your prayers. Last Thursday she had her heart shocked again because it is beating way to fast. This time it has been a little rougher on her than the last time. She got some paddle burns in two places and she is just wiped out from it. She is more tired than before and is not her bubbling self. She is on new medicine and they said it would make you tired. Hopefully it will level out and she will be back to her bubbling personality again. Cause when she is not feeling well Mommy is not up to par either. Thank you to Sue Clay and Diane Remus for being at the hospital with me. I can always depend on those two for anything. Johnny, Jerry, Dana and Landon Dowdy, and Juanita her evening worker visited Sandy in the hospital and she was so tickled to see her family cause as she said she loves her family and she really loves everyone! That’s my girl, straight to the point. Thanks to everyone that called too. It really means a lot to have support at times like this.

Lots of Fall Festival activities are going on but I can’t share the news and activities if you don’t share with me. Please email at or give me a call. You can reach me at my house phone or at my mom’s (Betty Griffith) after 6 p.m. So everyone come out and support our Kings and Queen to help raise money for the school and to make each class a winner. I use to get emails from the school with activities but very seldom here from them. Since I don’t have kids in school it is very hard for me to know what is going on unless someone tells me.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Floyd Holloway Family. Floyd passed away last week. Liz, please forgive me for not coming to the visitation but I want you to know I am thinking of you and your family and all are in my prays.

We lost a great cousin, Larry Elvis Griffith about over a week ago. It was to soon to have to say good bye. He had a loving family who will miss him dearly. Please keep Rose, Justin Chad and Melissa and Lana  Griffith and Cindy Nutter in your prayers. We love each of you and please lets keep in touch. 

My cousin Maxine Miller, wife of Bob Miller, and mother of Randy, Tim and Tom Miller, passed away at 1:30 a.m. on Thursday at Conway Regional Medical Center after complications with knee surgeries. Please keep this family in your prayers. Times like these are hard. Rest in peace Maxine and you will be truly missed by our family and your family. Mom thought the world of her and is always asking when she is coming back to work with her. This will be hard on her too. Thinking of each of you and you are in our prayers. Your dad is really going to need you guys now so hang in there and be strong.

Maxine worked through Care Link on the Senior Program and stayed one day a week with my mom.

Tom Erbach, who works at Faulkner County Day School Work Force has been out ill too and we wish him speedy recovery. It is not the same when you visit Work Force and Mr. Tom is not there. I know each client there misses him a lot. Keep up the good progress and hurry back. We love you Mr. Tom.

My mother, Betty Griffith, will be having cataract surgery on the 31st so please keep her in your prayers. Now if she would just wear her hearing aids that she insists she don’t need which helps tremendously we will be okay. Love my MOM to the moon and back!

All I have this week is prayers and we all know that prayers work so keep those prayers coming.

Landon Dowdy is playing fall baseball. His team is known as the Grasshoppers! Season is almost over with and they are doing great and improving a lot. Go Grasshoppers! 

They are so cute out there when they are little! And oh yes Landon pulled his own tooth last Wednesday and he called me at 6 a.m. to tell me all about it. Grandson, what did I ever do before you came into my life. I love you Landon.

Congratulations to Dylan Hicks, son of Paul and Teresa Hicks, who is the District V FBLA President.

Have a great week and remember to not drink and drive and be safe out there! Also Polar Plunge Fliers will be ready soon Start planning your unique team and get ready to "Plunge" Feb. 1, 2014. 


The singing at Centerville United Methodist Church was special last Sunday. We enjoyed the young people leading the group in songs. My husband, Ray, enjoyed some of his relatives in the group. There were two young men that directed, with the last name of Shaw, Ray’s mother was a Shaw, and from that family of Shaws, their great-grandpa was Ray’s grandpa’s brother. Mr. Tom Shaw and Mr. Loren Shaw was theirs.

We enjoyed seeing Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Jolly again, and also Mr. Jim Baker, and Ms. Billye Hall and son. Everywhere I go, people tell me how much they enjoy my items. Jonathan Sawrie did a great job, presiding over the singing and he honored Dr. Ben McNew with a nice plaque from the Faulkner County Singing Convention. For the untiring work he does to make our Convention great. We always enjoy the piano playing by Robert Wood, Helen Tapley, and Jonathan.

Marian McGinty and Sunny Earnhart had guests last weekend, her grandson, Brandon Johnson, and Kayley and Bralyn came, also Ginger Beene. They enjoyed friends visiting from California, Douglas Gibbs and wife. The Gibbs family were old settlers in the community. The Gibbs couple visited on Monday.

We are hoping and praying that our sick people may be getting better.

Ann Spear of Greenbrier has really been good to come visit Earnestine Newberry. Earnestine is still having to miss church a lot.

Ray called up to Harrison, to check if the leaves had started turning yet. They said this weekend and next weekend would probably be the best for viewing. We really enjoy the beautiful scenery in the fall. But I hate the cold weather. I have trouble staying warm in the summer with air conditioning.

Neighbors, please send me your news if you have some. I can’t write if I don’t know it.

God’s grace transforms sinners into Kingdom Workers. Even when we cannot see how, God can provide for us.

Have a good week, and try to enjoy our fall weather.

Shady Grove News

We are thankful for the beautiful fall weather and the recent rain! I could live with these temperatures the year round.

Bethlehem Baptist Church Family Life Center was the site for the annual Garrison-McKaskle Reunion on Oct. 5. Those attending were, James Lynn and Mary Ann Garrison of Warren, Mich.; Carl and Beverly Garrison, Larry and Jo Leta Jines of Midland, Mich.; Celia Lou Langston, Noel and Connie Goodwin, Gabby Goodwin, Louie Garrison and Tonya Pacheco, all of Garner; Betty Sue Hale, Larry and Betty Garrison of Vinity Corner; Jeanie Price of Morrilton; Anita Nuuja and Ruby Garrison of Elkins; Dennis Garrison of Springdale; Frank and Marvell Hardy and Carla Scarborough of Republican; Joyce Nell Garrison of Conway; Jimmie Merritt and Danny Fagala of Greenbrier; Hattie Lee Hankins of Shady Grove; Carl and Gale Garrison and Jerry Nash, all of Horseshoe Mountain.

Congratulations to Meredith Hammontree, Treslyn Fletcher, and Taylor Avery upon being in the 2013 Homecoming Court at Greenbrier High School. Avery was selected Queen. She is the granddaughter of Lena Martin of the community. Meredith is the granddaughter of Ed and Linda Hammontree and the daughter of Shawn and Tonya Hammontree. Treslyn is the daughter of James and Tressa Fletcher. All beautiful girls, inside and out!

Gale Garrison attended the Cheerful Givers’ Breakfast at Pleasant Branch Church in Conway last Saturday.

Susan Cavin and I went to the State Fair Pageant and Tallent preliminary competition on Thursday night. We were there to support her Faulkner County winners and to cheer them on.

We send our sympathy to the family of Mrs. Hattie Davis who passed away this week. Mrs. Hattie was the oldest member of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church. Our sympathy also goes to the family of Rick Spear.