Enthusiastic students, parents and faculty greeted the EAST (Environmental And Spatial Technology) students at their Health Fair and Open House at Greenbrier High School. The EAST students had presented their work to students all day and stayed into the evening so parents and guests could learn more about health on ten major topics: Smoking/Tobacco Products,  Obesity& Healthy Living/Diabetes, Hygiene, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Stress Relief, Eating Disorders, Steroids & Additives (energy drinks), Preventing Stroke/Heart/High Blood Pressure and Violence/Abuse.

The reaction from students during the day was an awakening about health topics that they had not given much thought to in the past. Brock Daniels and Kristin Miller presented a booth on tobacco use that included preserved healthy and non-healthy lungs in a case and a model of Mr. DipLip showing the awful effects of chewing tobacco to the mouth. Brock said the reaction of his fellow students was, "Oh, my God! That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve seen!" He went on to say he chose the tobacco topic because "we value our friends and hope to help them stop."

Cody McKnight hosted a booth on stress relief causes and what helps.  The use of steroids was presented by Kyla Miller and Kori Westerman with some photos of an athlete who had abused steroids. A surprising fact brought out by Shelby Davis in her booth on violence and physical abuse was that most teen-age girls do not even recognize what abuse is. Obesity and eating disorders was covered in great detail with a talk by Josh Skinner and partner Wesley Waters.

Hygiene was illustrated by Connor Thompson and Kennedy Efrid. Connor pointed out that even the simple act of not washing hands thoroughly can spread the deadly staph germs.

Mykayla Robertson and Danielle Welter covered STDs noting that some class-mates really wanted information. Others were hesitant to ask questions. Most were surprised to learn they could get sexually transmitted diseases in eyes.

Sara Hoopchuk and Hannah Crass went all out in their heart disease booth demonstrating how to give resuscitation on a dummy.  They even had give-away bags for everyone with pens, bracelets, stress balls and information on how to save a stroke victim.

Many parents were impressed with other presentations done on computers in the media room as EAST students demonstrated a wealth of information in their various subjects. EAST is a nonprofit organization that provides new service projects using the latest in technology. Their student-led projects benefit the community and business leaders in the Greenbrier area. Their facilitator is Kim Austin.