Holland Baptist Church

We had another glorious day at Holland Baptist Church Sunday! Following an opening hymn and worship through Brother Chad Brandon baptizing four people. Todd Wells and two of his children, Emmaleigh and Kyler, (also children of Liz Wells), and Kenny Lustre. We are excited to welcome these new believers into our fellowship.

Brother Chad preached the message "Having Revival in the Temple of our Heart," from II Chronicles 29:1-20. King Hezekiah was very young when he assumed leadership, but he didn’t forget the teaching he’d received from his ancestors. Revival was about to take place in his life. The people needed revival in their lives.

The place of spiritual illumination was put out. The lights were turned out in the house of the Lord. The place of prayerful intercession was silent. Incense represented prayers going up continually before the Father. We need to be in prayer continually.

What if our physical strength was equal to our prayer strength? Our responsibility is to seek God’s face. Is our prayer life like a grocery list voicing the things we need or want? How long has it been since my prayers have been nothing but confession and worshipping the Father?

The revival is revealing things in progress. Sacrifice is not taking place. We’re to be a living sacrifice. The problem is a living sacrifice can crawl off the altar. Am I placing myself on the altar?

Consider the activity revival renews. It takes personal consecration. I need to get my heart right with God. When God’s people get revived people get evangelized. Charles Finney once said one should draw a circle, step inside it, and pray for God to send revival to everyone inside the circle.

Revival brings inward purification. We must take out the garbage from the Holy Place of God. We need a holy house cleaning. We need inward purification to restore personal consecration.

The final activity revival renews is spiritual exaltation. I need to seek revival in the temple of my heart.

We continue our study of Holy Spirit on Sunday evening. We have great bible studies on Sunday and Wednesday nights!

Our prayers for many continue. Eva Lee Parsons is recovering from surgery. Sunny Earnhart is still hospitalized and not doing well. Mildred Thario has been ill for several weeks. Shelly Brandon continues to battle health issues. Bobie Hendrickson still needs our prayers but we were so happy to see her in Sunday School and worship service Sunday! Praise God for answered prayer! Many have spiritual needs for which we pray as well. Too numerous to mention are those who need our prayer.

Wednesday, Oct. 30, we’ll celebrate at The Fall Festival at church. Adults will join the children from 5:30-7 p.m. for this time of fun activity and food. We’re preparing to take part again this year in Operation Christmas Child. A ladies Soup and Shoe Box Social is planned for Nov. 19 to prepare these boxes for delivery.

May God reign in our hearts!

Wesley United Methodist Church

Trunk or Treat will be held at Wesley United Methodist Church on Thursday, Oct. 31, 5-6:30 p.m. Children are invited to trick or treat in this safe environment, which will be held along the front drive of the church property.

Wesley UMC is located at 2310 E. Oak St., across from Caldwell Country Store. For more information, call the church office at 327-7629.