Among reports recently released by the Conway Police Department:

1. Aggravated assault at Dave Ward Drive.

A woman who gave a man a ride across town despite reservations was consequently threatened, according to a Conway Police Department incident report.

The victim told police a man approached her at Gulf Gas on Harkrider Street and asked if she could give him a ride to Germantown Apartments.

When the victim told him she was uncomfortable with giving him a ride because she did not know him, the subject told her a story about having a rough day and "seemed genuine," so she agreed to give him a ride, the report states.

The victim said when she was near the apartment complex, the subject asked her if she smoked crack.

The victim told police when she said no, he took small white rocks out of a bag and showed them to her.

When she asked him to get out of the vehicle, he refused and pulled out a knife and held it to her neck, she told police.

The victim said the man did not say anything, but stared at her with the knife pointed to her neck.

The victim said she cried and told the man she had children and asked that he get out of the vehicle.

The victim told police the man exited quickly and slammed the door.

Police obtained fingerprints from the vehicle on the door of the passenger side.

2. Public intoxication at East German Lane.

A Conway police officer placed a bicyclist under arrest for public intoxication after he observed the man riding in the middle of East German Lane, according to an incident report.

At around 10 p.m., the officer observed a dark figure in the road, and as he approached, he realized it was a man wearing dark clothing riding a bicycle without any type of safety illumination.

The officer noted he smelled a strong odor of intoxicants about the subject, and when he asked the subject how much he had been drinking, he responded, "a lot," the report states.

The officer wrote that the subject put a lot of emphasis into his response "as if he really wanted me to understand he drank too much alcohol."

3. Endangering the welfare of a minor at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Conway police contacted the Arkansas Child Abuse Hotline after responding to a call at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart, about a young child alone in a vehicle.

According to the incident report, police made contact with a small female child who was sitting inside a vehicle with the window rolled down halfway.

When police started to speak with the young girl, she told them her nine-year-old sister was lying down in the back seat.

The nine-year-old would not talk to police, according to the report.

The young girl told police her mom went inside the store to buy pants.

The person reporting told police she saw the girl in the vehicle unattended for 11 minutes before she contacted police.

Store cameras showed the woman entered the store at 4:56 p.m. and returned to the vehicle where she met police at 5:11 p.m.

The report states when officers explained the dangers of leaving children alone to the mother, she argued that an appropriate age to be left alone with another child was nine years old.

4. Theft of property at 375 E. Oak St., Valero.

Conway police were dispatched to the business after an employee reported a male used a credit card to purchase cigarettes and chicken and left before the employee noticed the card was declined.

According to the incident report, the employee went outside and yelled at the subject, whose windows were down, but he drove away from the area.

The license plate number on the minivan the subject was driving returned to a female from Hazen.

5. Criminal mischief at 816 E. Oak St., B, Waffle House.

Police responded to the restaurant at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday in reference to a fight in progress.

According to the Conway Police Department incident report, officers arrived as multiple people were exiting the restaurant while cussing and pushing.

There were several broken coffee mugs and a small amount of blood on the floor, the report stated.

Officers ushered people who were leaving the scene back into the restaurant for an investigation.

One subject who attempted to leave despite officers’ commands was detained.

In questioning, another subject told police he knew nothing about the fight "despite having two large lumps on his head."

The subject with the lumps on his head was identified by others as an instigator who was asked to leave the restaurant.

According to a witness, the fight broke out as the subject was leaving and when "words were exchanged" with another group of males who were entering the restaurant.

6. Theft of property at 1155 Skyline Drive, Walmart.

Police were dispatched to the business in reference to a male subject running toward Harkrider who was suspected of theft. According to the report, police were not able to locate the subject, and when loss prevention employees attempted to stop the subject, he fled.

Employees told police they were sure the subject took tape, batteries and some shoe laces.

7. Breaking or entering a vehicle at 1000 block of Van Ronkle Street.

The victim told police her purse was stolen out of her vehicle while she was running errands. According to the victim, while she was at a shop on Van Ronkle, a male subject "was lurking around her vehicle." The victim was unable to give a good description of the subject, but she believes he may have stolen her purse.

8. Theft of property at 3200 block of Nutter Chapel Road.

The victim told police someone stole five fishing rods from his boat parked in his yard. According to the victim, the rods were in the boat for about an hour and a half. They are valued at around $430.

9. Residential burglary at 10 block of Honeysuckle Lane.

The victim told police someone entered her home through a sliding glass door while she was out of town and stole several items from her residence. Most items stolen were already packed in boxes as the victim was about to move to another residence. The items are valued at around $2,000. A neighbor told police he saw a woman in the victim’s back yard, but thought she was "the cleaning lady."

10. Information report at 2500 Old Morrilton Highway intersection.

A Conway officer responded to a call from an off-duty officer about a wounded deer at the intersection. When the officer arrived, the young male deer had a broken front leg. The officer notified a sergeant, who ordered the officer to destroy the animal. The officer wrote that he waited until there was no traffic in the area and then killed the deer.

11. Theft of motor fuel at 1030 Skyline Drive, Flashmarket Citgo.

Police were dispatched to the business for a report of an unknown motorist who pumped $44 in fuel and then drove away without paying for it.

12. Breaking or entering a vehicle at 501 Elsinger Boulevard, Target.

The victim told police while she was inside the store someone entered her vehicle and stole checks and other items. Store security footage showed a male walking around the parking lot checking door handles on the victim’s vehicle and others. The man was described as white and driving a silver Pontiac. The victim advised her weather stripping around one of her doors was damaged.

13. Breaking or entering a vehicle at 200 block of South Ash Street.

The victim told police while he was parked at a friend’s residence for a few minutes, someone entered his car and stole his phone and prescription narcotics. According to the victim, he used keyless entry to lock the door, but it might not have worked.

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