Police responded to 816 E Oak Street, Waffle House, at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday in reference to a fight in progress.

According to the Conway Police Department incident report, officers arrived as multiple people were exiting the restaurant while cussing and pushing.

There were several broken coffee mugs and a small amount of blood on the floor, the report stated.

Officers ushered people who were leaving the scene back into the restaurant for an investigation.

One subject who attempted to leave despite officers' commands was detained.

In questioning, another subject told police he knew nothing about the fight "despite having two large lumps on his head."

The subject with the lumps on his head was identified by others as an instigator who was asked to leave the restaurant.

According to a witness, the fight broke out as the subject was leaving and when "words were exchanged" with another group of males who were entering the restaurant.