Red Ribbon Week was officially launched at Greenbrier Junior High School when Mayor Melton Cotton signed the proclamation in front of a class of EAST students. All GJHS students received red ribbons. There will be many activities throughout the schools until Friday, Nov. 1. Red Ribbon week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign that has been observed annually in October in the United States since 1985.

EAST Facilitator Misty Burgess welcomed Mayor Cotton, Lt. James Guffey, Officer Parks and K-9 Officer Maize (Greenbrier’s drug sniffer Labrador Retriever) to her EAST ninth grade classroom. EAST student Dowe Johnson read the proclamation that Cotton signed.

Guffey is Greenbrier’s School Resource Officer and Officer Parks and Maize are well-known in Greenbrier for the work they do in curbing crime. Parks pointed out Maize’s ability to find a trace of a drug left inside a plastic bag that could be days old. Guffey and Parks talked with students and fielded questions about the penalties that can ruin a student’s future with the use of drugs — even including prescription medicines that are shared.

Greenbrier High School Student Council is sponsoring a "stomp contest" on Friday for Red Ribbon Week with prizes for winners. Throughout the week there will be mock arrests, sobriety tests and theme dressing at the school to dramatize the spirit of Red Ribbon Week. Prizes for "dress up" will be awarded. Everyone is encouraged to participate all week in the drug-free celebration. According to the DEA and the National Family Partnership, approximately 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon events every year.