United Way of Central Arkansas and partnering agencies will learn in a three-day workshop with Scot Quintel how to transition to the Worldwide United Way’s recently released Community Impact Model.

"This is an exciting transitional time for United Way both at the national and local level," said Maret Cahill, United Way of Central Arkansas executive director. "We are very happy to welcome Scot to help us navigate through the model transition. It will be a great time to educate not only ourselves and our board but our partnering agencies as well. We all need to go through this change together."

Quintel, of Richmond, Ind., has won recognitions through his work with United Way.

He is acting president of United Way of Whitewater and is credited with organizing the most successful United Way fundraising campaigns in the past decade.

"It is an honor to be asked to be part of the work United Way of Central Arkansas is doing to serve Faulkner and Perry Counties. United Ways have a long history of serving their communities through fundraising and funding programs," said Quintel. "Our discussions this week will be focused on how this United Way can do even more to serve its friends and neighbors."

The Worldwide model encourages local United Ways to address the specific needs of the community and to transition from a fundraising organization to an organization that directly impacts the community.

The change will direct United Way to invest in strategies for community change and focus on community outcomes.

The three-day workshop began Tuesday and will run through Thursday and will cover the model Community Impact Strategy.

Quintel presented the new strategy to the public Tuesday at the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce.

Quintel, the United Way board, and partnering agencies will further discuss the future of UWCA Thursday and work to develop communication to agencies and timelines for the new strategy’s implementation.

The UWCA funds programs for about 20 local area non-profits.

Over the past decade, needs for United Way services have increased to more than $1 million, according to United Way.

The group’s goal is to add donors to meet the need.

The donations support 35 programs in 19 member agencies.

The programs focus their efforts to provide sustainable impact on education, income or health.