Used organic fall decor is being collected by Simmons First National Bank in Conway to be taken in December to the residents of Riddle’s Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary.

The farm, located on the outskirts of Guy and Quitman in Faulkner County, uses pumpkins and gourd varieties as dietary supplements and playthings for elephants in winter months.

Hay bales are useful in winter for different species on the farm.

Riddle’s would like uncarved and unpainted pumpkins only.

Collection begins Friday at the bank’s Conway Commons location at 820 Elsinger Blvd, off of State Highway 64.

A trailer will be parked behind the bank, and fall decor may be left inside or beside the trailer at any hour.

If donors need help during business hours, bank employees will be available to unload items.

The sanctuary and farm is located at 233 Pumpkin Center Circle in Quitman.

The farm was established in 1990 by Scott and Heidi Riddle, and is the home of about a dozen African and Asian elephants.

Some elephants from Riddle’s leave the farm on loan for breeding purposes, and the farm accepts elephant handlers in training from around the world.

Riddle’s accepts all elephants in need of a place to go, according to employees, regardless of demeanor, age, or species.

For questions about the collection, call Candace Meeks, Simmons assistant vice president, at 501-932-0820.