It is time again for the Log Cabin Democrat and the community to begin the holiday fundraiser for Faulkner County students, the Community Christmas Card.

The Community Christmas Card is a special section printed in the Dec. 25, Christmas Day edition of the Log Cabin and online at

The Christmas card to our students is signed by every person who donates at least $1, and includes names of community members in whose honor donations were made.

Though many contribute more, it only takes $1 to be included and to make a difference in a young student’s life.

For years teachers and school administrators have relied on what is commonly called the "Christmas fund" to buy essentials for students who are in need.

The money is often used for new glasses, warm winter coats, new shoes to replace a worn pair, to buy medicine, afford a doctor’s visit, and it has even been used to turn lights back on at a student’s home.

Every penny of each dollar collected from now to Christmas is sent directly to local school counselors, who are charged with recognizing and then addressing the needs of the kids who fall through the gaps of other help organizations.

The money is given without restrictions or red tape, and with the direction only to help young people left wanting.

It is an emergency fund that is used year-round.

Last year, the community raised $22,521 for the effort.

The final total of names in the card numbered 3,987, though many donations were made anonymously.

To be included in the card and project, make donations by mail, online or at the Log Cabin office.

Donations may be sent to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 969, Conway AR 72033, online at, or at the Log Cabin office at 1111 Main Street, Suite 102 in Federal Plaza in Conway.