A third home with oil at its foundation in the Northwoods subdivision in Mayflower has been demolished by ExxonMobil, spokesman Aaron Stryk confirmed Monday.

Stryk said in October the company was in negotiations with the homeowner at 44 N. Starlite Road, which assessor’s information shows is Greg Doster.

The home was taken down last week, Stryk said.

"Like the previous two homes, it was determined that demolition and excavation of soil is an effective and efficient way to ensure that all of the remaining oil has been removed," he said by e-mail.

ExxonMobil purchased and then in October demolished homes at 32 and 36 N. Starlite Road, near the rupture site of ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline and source of the March 29 oil spill.

Thousands of barrels of Wabasca heavy crude and a mixture of chemical diluents spilled into the neighborhood and made its way through Mayflower and into the Lake Conway watershed before officials say they stopped the oil from entering the main body of the lake.

The homes at 32, 36 and 44 North Starlite Road were never cleared for re-entry by Unified Command after they were evacuated.

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