Holland Baptist Church

Last Sunday morning Brother Chad delivered a wonderful message even though he was terribly ill. His message was taken from Ephesians 5 and titled "Walk in Wisdom." Paul was saying if we’re going to walk wisely we must walk carefully. Brother Chad gave the example of mine fields and not knowing where the mines are planted. In life we don’t always know where to walk.

We must walk confidently and not be foolish. The fool says "There is no God." Not believing God completely, being disobedient, and placing our hearts and minds on the wrong things instead of what God wants is foolish.

He reminded us of the brevity of life and how important it is to budget our time correctly. We don’t know how much time we have. We must be aware of the time in which we live. The opportunities are already in front of us as we try to live our lives. There are battles to be fought. We must seize the opportunities to be victorious. The days are evil. We’re in spiritual warfare every day.

In Romans 13 we’re told to put on the Lord Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh. The Lord said He had something against the people. They had lost their first love. Have we? Our zeal and enthusiasm for Christ should be growing stronger and stronger.

God has a plan. We should know the will of the Lord. We can’t afford to be foolish. We must not be unwise but understand the will of the Lord then grow.

Are we walking wisely? Are we tending to be a little more foolish? Are we walking in love, light, and wisdom?

Tuesday evening 17 gathered in the fellowship hall to fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. This was a wonderful time of getting into the spirit of giving to some who’ve never received a gift. When doing this we realize how blessed we are as a people and how we should share our blessings with others. We enjoyed the fun and fellowship then filled ourselves with tasty soups and delicious desserts prepared by our ladies.

Sunday evening at 5 we’ll gather for a time of thanksgiving and our annual Thanksgiving meal. This is always a great time of reflecting on our blessings and a time of sharing what God has done for us. Fellowshipping over the food makes for a great end of our time together. We welcome and invite you to join us.