Each year the Log Cabin Democrat uses Thanksgiving to mark the official start of the annual fundraiser for Faulkner County students, the Community Christmas Card.

It’s called a community card because it contains the names of community members who have contributed $1 or more, and it’s published in address to all of Faulkner County’s students.

It’s a special section printed in the Christmas Day and New Years Day editions of the Log Cabin Democrat that wishes the students a merry Christmas and lets them know how many people support them.

What has historically been tens of thousands of dollars is given every year to area school counselors who are entrusted to dole funds out throughout the year whenever a student appears to have a critical need.

The need may be a winter coat, a pair of glasses, a dentist visit or the lights turned back on in their home.

The uniqueness of the fundraiser is that every penny donated goes directly to the students without stipulation or red tape.

Local educators are key witnesses to a student’s everyday struggle, and they provide stories each year of what they are able to do with what’s commonly referred to as "the Christmas fund" in our schools.

Those stories will be published as the Log Cabin continues until Christmas to promote the effort.

"One dollar can change a child’s life," said Rhonda Overbey, advertising and marketing director at the Log Cabin Democrat. "You know I must say that over the last month, there has been a lot of talk about our community needs. It’s great to see this brought to the forefront during this season. I encourage you to be part of the solution."

Names of donors or those whose names donations were made in honor of are guaranteed to appear as long as donations are received by Wednesday, December 18.

Donations will be taken after that date.

To be included in the card and project, make donations by mail, online or at the Log Cabin office. Donations may be sent to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 969, Conway AR 72033, online at thecabin.net, or at the Log Cabin office at 1111 Main Street, Suite 102 in Federal Plaza in Conway.