Last Thursday, Nov. 21, we were invited to the Senior Citizen Center at Vilonia for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Glen and Doris Henderson of Naylor with Ray and I went and enjoyed the wonderful noon meal.

The elementary school choir performed and were very well prepared and received by the group.

Sponsors for the meal were the Vilonia Lions Club, Harp’s Supermarket and Vilonia School.

The cafeteria cooks prepared the delicious meal, with help from the Home Economics class girls and boys, who made the desserts and waited the tables for 200 guests. The homemade rolls were wonderful, the entire meal was delicious and we enjoyed meeting with many of our friends and cousins.

Last Sunday, after church service, we met in the Fellowship Hall of our church for our Thanksgiving noon meal, at Oakland United Methodist Church, the Fellowship Hall was beautifully decorated by Charles David Parsons, and the delicious food was prepared by our ladies and men. Yes, our men are good cooks too.

Rosalind Harrinton of Kansas City was here to play the piano for us, for the service, but had to leave before church was over because of the weather. She and Lyndal had to start back home because the temperature was already freezing.

Included in the worship hour, we had a time of sharing what we were most thankful for. God has been so good to us and He is still answering prayers.

Grandparents Day is always a special time for the children at different schools.

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy attended one of their grandchildren’s luncheons recently. So did Sandra Cardin visit with one of her grandchildren at the elementary school in Greenbrier.

John and Sherry Sellers attended the luncheon with one of her granddaughter’s at Ellen Smith Elemetary at Conway.

Whether we are asking forgiveness or offering it, God is pleased.

Have a good, safe week, and try to stay warm.


There have been many folks out recently as everyone seems to be running in different directions with the holidays here. We have had our first frost and Thanksgiving week certainly was cold enough to feel like November.

Madison Cardin spent Thanksgiving in Houston, Texas, as she was selected to be an All American Cheerleader and got to participate in the parade. Lana Gartner went to Colorado to be with her son, Seth. Lots of families were gone either on hunting trips or to visit family for the holidays. Colton and Hayden Ray participated in a gymnastics meet last week end, and Larry and Mary Ann Halsey took a trip to Big Bend in Texas. The Freemans, however, stayed home and enjoyed not having to be anywhere in particular. We did hit the movie theater twice and spent a couple of evenings visiting with special friends.

Centerville United Methodist Church has continued to experience the blessings of new membership recently, with seven new members joining one Sunday. If you are wanting to find a church home, we welcome you to come visit with us this Sunday morning at 9. Our service will be followed by a breakfast potluck that can be pretty impressive. If you have news for the community corner of the paper, please email jennfreeman@windstream.net.