Shady Grove

Hope everyone has thawed out from the early winter freeze that we had. It has been a long stretch of cold and has kept a lot of people in for several days. Several I have heard of learned the hard way to stay in and off of the ice. One in particular, Becky Atkinson, thought she would take a walk to the news paper box, fell, and broke her wrist. She had surgery on Tuesday to fix it. According to Jerry’s last up-date she is doing well.

I have stayed in, not exactly by choice, but as a result of surgery on the 2nd. Went in for minor surgery with an overnight stay, and ended up with an extra surgery and an extra night in the hospital. I thought at first that they might be training me for use as a ping-pong ball as I was moved to three different rooms in less than 24 hours. It seemed as no one wanted me on their floor, Ha! Even with all of that I am doing great, getting around good, but slow. Just trying to get my strength back. Thanks to all who have asked about me, the prayers, the food and the phone calls. If you ever need a good nursemaid, I will send Bill to you. He has done great!

Gale and Carl Garrison recently attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Chris and Peggy Garison Dauten at the Greathouse Hotel in Fayetteville. Peggy is a first cousin of Gale land Carl. They also had lunch and visited the Rev. Craig and Mrs. Grace Braham in Springdale on Saturday. On Sunday Gale and Carl attended Calvary Baptist Church in Fayetteville and toured the University of Arkansas campus.

Gale and Carl also were Thanksgiving visitors of Ronny and Carol Eason of Conway.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our favorite Panther coach, B. J. McMillen. B. J. fell from his deer stand and received a badly broken foot. He had surgery this past Tuesday to repair the damage and is back home now. Get well Coach B. J., from the Shady Grove Community. Got to have you in tip-top shape to stomp up and down the sidelines next football season.