The Conway Police Department is hosting standardized field sobriety test training sessions. Eight CPD officers, four Faulkner County Sheriff’s deputies and officers from surrounding jurisdictins are being instructed in the standarized method of determining whether a motorist is intoxicated.

The training is important because any deviation from a law in department’s standardized field sobriety test (SFST) policy may get a portion or all of the test thrown out at a DWI trial, and also for highway safety.

"The premise behind this program is deterrence," Det. Jason Cameron of CPD said. "If we’ve got more people out there who are doing the testing and making the stops, we’re going to get more impaired drivers off the roads, and we’re going to have a safer community."

The training is being done in cooperation with the Criminal Justice Institute and is paid for through Arkansas State Police Highway Safety grants. Officers who are trained are eligible for DWI task force duty, in which they work overtime hours specifically to target suspected intoxicated drivers. Their overtime is also paid through grant money.

"Whenever we get done with this class there will be eight more [CPD] officers specifically trained to see the clues and testify in court, making them a better officer and a better witness in DWI cases," Cameron said.

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