There’s just a little over one week left to be included in the Community Christmas Card to Faulkner County students.

The Community Christmas Card is a special section printed in the Dec. 25, Christmas Day edition of the Log Cabin Democrat.

The card lists thousands of names of community members who donated $1 or more to help a student in an emergency.

Some donate $1 to be included, and some donate $1 or more to include a loved one as a Christmas gift.

The whole of the sum, every dollar and each penny, is forwarded on to local educators who use their portion to address specific and immediate needs of the students they see struggling on a daily basis.

Last week, Carolyn Lewis Elementary School principal Dr. Tina Antley said her school had just used some "Christmas money" to buy a pair of shoes for a little boy.

"His shoes didn’t fit. They were too small. They had holes, they were worn out, and the sole was loose," Antley said. "His teacher told the counselor."

Antley said that the elementary school has been able to buy school supplies, have glasses fixed, and buy winter coats.

"We had a family whose apartment burned so we used the Christmas card money to get clothes for the children," she said.

The funds, which are divided equally among schools in Faulkner County, typically run low late in the year.

"The people give it to us for the children, and we spend it on them hoping that by next year we’ll have more," Antley said. "It allows us to provide for our children. So much of the money we get is tax money and can only be designated to specific uses. The Community Christmas Card allows us to buy shoes that fit and to provide other physical needs that might impact the wellbeing of our children. Without shoes and school supplies, they’re not ready to learn. If your shoes don’t fit, it’s hard to listen to your teacher. If you have to worry about what clothes you’ll wear because your home burned, it’s really hard to pay attention to what you might be reading in class."

To be included in the card and project, make donations by mail, online or at the Log Cabin office. Donations may be sent to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 969, Conway AR 72033, online at, or at the Log Cabin office at 1111 Main Street, Suite 102 in Federal Plaza in Conway.