The opportunity to be included in the Community Christmas Card to Faulkner County students was scheduled to end Wednesday, but collection time has been extended in an effort to boost the fund.

Wednesday donations totaled $9,358.85 with more than 2,000 names to be included in the special section of the Log Cabin Democrat that will print Dec. 25, Christmas Day.

Organizer Chealsey Mosby said three private donations of $1,000 were made recently, which pushed the fund to a healthier total.

Donations are down a bit this year, and Mosby said she is hopeful that by extending the collection to Friday some more locals may take the opportunity to be part of the Community Christmas Card.

The card lists the names of community members who have donated $1 or more to the fund, which is entrusted to area school counselors for the school year.

The counselors use their own discretion to dole out the funds when they see a student in need of a winter coat, bigger shoes or clothes that fit.

Whatever the need, the fund is available to help children with no questions asked.

Local educators say without the "Christmas money," some students who fall through the cracks of other help organizations might be left without essentials like school supplies or glasses to see the board.

All money donated to the Community Christmas Card goes directly to support students who are in need of help.

No money put toward the fundraiser is kept by the Log Cabin or organizers, but only collected, counted and distributed to local schools.

To be included in this year’s Community Christmas Card, visit to make a donation online, or come by the Log Cabin office at 1111 Main Street, Suite 102 at Federal Plaza in Conway.

Mail donations today to Community Christmas Card, P.O. Box 969, Conway, AR, 72033.