While the colder temperatures we have had this year certainly make it feel like winter, it just does not feel like Christmas should be next week. The only explanation I can think of is the fact that I ordered almost everything online and that I did not decorate the tree. The tree was put up and decorated this year by Dylan and Kaylee while Darrel and I were gone. That was helpful but I know it was their way of making sure the tree was decorated with their favorite ornaments instead of sticking to the red and silver ones I try to use. I have already wrapped almost all the presents and am ready but am saddened to think that my kids are so grown up. I will try to not stress over the cooking and cleaning or the money spent during the holidays and will just be thankful for my sweet family.

Dylan celebrated his 15th birthday on Tuesday and milked it for about three days. We took him shopping on Saturday and we ate lunch at Fuji’s Steakhouse. Darrel fixed him a big breakfast Tuesday morning and we ended the day with dinner at Joe’s Pizza. Andrea and Mary Hall joined us and he seemed happy with his day. I was teasing him about his celebration lasting more than a day and he assured me that he planned to do the same thing for Christmas.

Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the Christmas holidays with your friends and family. Be thankful for what you have instead of worrying about what you didn’t get for Christmas. Let me know if you have items for the Centerville news by emailing


Boy! How is this for weather before Christmas? I though the weather always got bad after the first of the new year. I might have just been hoping.

Kathy Pearce accompanied Larry, Carla and Hope White on a trip to New Orleans, Dec. 12. They were joined by Hannah White and Tyler and Haley McKinney, Dec. 13. They were in New Orleans to see Larry receive his Doctor of Ministry degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary on the 14th. They celebrated the hard work and accomplishments of Dr. White knowing he will be using all he learned to better serve the Lord.

We have still been having sickness in the community, and people having to miss church. Ray and I have been down with whatever is going around. I missed attending church for three Sundays, but I’m feeling better now. Most everyone are showing improvement now.

Marian McGinty and sister Sunny Earnhart got to attend church last Sunday after being sick several months. They attended the annual Cardin Christmas Party on Sunday afternoon. The party was sponsored by Judy Cardin, wife of the late Doy B. Cardin of Conway.

Terry and Barbara Cardin of Greers Ferry brought their annual basket of Christmas goodies to the McGinty-Earnhart later Sunday afternoon.

Brandon Johnson and Kayle of Needs Creek also visited later.

Elizabeth Johnson has returned to her home in North Little Rock, after an extended time here with her mother, and Aunt Sunny Sue.

Bobbi Hendrickson has improved a little bit. We are so thankful. She said she has a 50/50 chance now. We must keep praying for her. Brenda Firestone is still suffering from her arm.

I received word last week that Jonathan Sawrie had fallen on ice and broken his arm. I truly hope that doesn’t affect his piano playing after it gets well. He is one of our best musicians in Arkansas.

Pray for our country. God is so good.


This community has sure had their share of losing some great legends of the town in the past weeks. During the ice storm we lost a great Lady, Mrs. Frankie Dee Battles. She worked in the cafeteria for as long as I can remember. She will be missed by many Family and friends. I apologize for not coming to visitation or services. I didn’t want to take a chance on falling on the ice. This past week another Damon Poole who was an outstanding person in the community. He will be missed. So please keep these families in your prayers.

My dear friend, Charlotte Mode will be celebrating her birthday on Christmas Day. I hope you have a great birthday and many more to come. Love you girl!

All you boys and girls Santa will be coming on Christmas Eve hope each of you have been good and no one gets a bag of coal. Merry Christmas to all and have a great holiday.

Last Monday night I went see Landon in his first Kindergarten performance. Which started at 5:15, well I get a phone call from Landon before he leaves home and he wanted to know where I was I told him on my way he wanted to know where I was I was between Mayflower and Conway and he said "‘Seriously, your gonna be Late.’" I got there just in time; they were still trying to get all lined up. So I wasn’t in trouble. On Tuesday I went and ate Christmas Dinner with him and his Mom at his school. Making memories with the best grandson ever.

School is out till the first of the year. So enjoy those kiddo’s because they will be grown and gone before you know it.

Please send news to or call me at 679-3299. I can’t put news in if I don’t hear from anyone.

Remember to not drink and drive because the law enforcement will be out there doing their jobs. Be safe out there and make wise choices.

Merry Christmas to everyone.